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Mobile Casinos that accept Phone Bill payment system.

The ultimate mobile gaming experience is when you can also make deposits from your mobile phones without any extraneous inputs like credit card or bank account numbers. Now the best UK phone casinos allow you to do this using only your mobile phone number. Your telecom services provider will transfer the funds to the mobile phone casino and recover it from you in its monthly bill. If you are a pay as you go customer, the deposit amount is deducted from your balance like when you have made a call. is a one stop window that will tell you everything needed about making deposits via mobile phone bills. We cover everything from the technical nitty-gritty to simple step by step procedures. We tell you how you can maximise the experience and what pitfalls you should avoid. Above all we list the best UK phone bill casinos so that you do not waste time searching for them.

How Phone Bill Casino Payments Work

Apart from you as a customer there are other agencies involved. The visible ones are the UK mobile phone casino and the mobile network operator. All leading UK mobile network operators offer this free service, so it does not matter to which one you have subscribed. The most important agency, which works behind the scenes, is the accredited payment intermediary. It is responsible for the money transfer between you and the network operator and the network operator and the phone casino. There are quite a few of them in operation and in the next section we will provide more details about them.

The system which conducts these transactions is Payforit. It is a set of rules or guidelines that all agencies involved have accepted. Then there is a regulatory agency, PayphonePlus, that oversees the operations. The entire mechanism has been so constructed that aggrieved parties have recourse to the UK legal system.

Accredited Payment Intermediaries

Accredited payment intermediaries are also referred to as carrier billing solutions providers. They have a specific role to play in the Payforit system. They are the ones who develop the billing engine and devise and implement the security features. Then they interface with the software of the network provider and the phone casino. After that they are responsible for each and every transaction. Some of the leading payment intermediaries are discussed below.


Boku is the leading payment intermediary for transferring funds to mobile phone casinos and is highly recommended for its security and transparency. You can conveniently review your transaction history from their web site. Boku operates globally and their large scale operations have enabled it to be in the forefront of research and development.


Fortumo is another global payment intermediary operating in 94 countries and partnering with over 350 mobile operator networks. It services every mobile payment market, of which phone casino is one. It was founded in 2007.


Oxygen8 is a relatively smaller payment intermediary, but has won several awards technical innovation and marketing. Oxygen8 Pay is the product for mobile payments. It is safe, quick and easy to use.


Bango was founded in 1999 and has been one of the drivers for the mobile payment industry. By 2015 Bango had its Direct Carrier Billing product in more than 140 mobile operator markets and holds more than 200 million billable mobile identities.


ImpulsePay is a more UK centric payment intermediary that has partnered with network providers like Vodafone, EE, 3 and O2. It claims to be one of the quickest, easiest and most secure ways for consumers to make online payments with their mobile phone bill or from pay-as-you-go credit.


txtNation is a Payforit accredited payment intermediary. Its product offers easy integration and is backed by full customer support. It was recently announced the Mobile Phone Company of 2016 at the Finance Monthly Global Awards.

Mobile Phone Bill Payments Vs Traditional Methods

Despite the growth in mobile phone bill payments, they still constitute a much smaller share than the traditional methods. We discuss below the pros and cons of these traditional methods compared to mobile phone bill payment.

E-wallet (Neteller, PayPal)

Pros: (1) It is not subject to the £30 per day limit applicable to mobile bill payments. (2) It can be used for withdrawal from mobile casinos, whereas mobile bill payments cannot.

Cons: (1) You need to register and create a separate e-wallet account, whereas no registration is required for mobile bill payments.

Credit Card

Pros: (1) It is not subject to the £30 per day limit applicable to mobile bill payments. (2) It can be used for withdrawal from most UK mobile casinos, whereas mobile bill payments cannot.

Cons: (1) Your sensitive credit card information is on the mobile casino server with a risk of identity theft. Mobile bill payments do not use any sensitive information. (2) Your credit card statement will show the payment as a deposit to mobile casino. In the mobile bill your privacy is assured because the payment will appear as if you have called.

Bank Wire

Pros: (1) It is not subject to the £30 per day limit applicable to mobile bill payments.

Cons: (1) You need to have Internet banking facility, whereas this is not needed for mobile bill payments. (2) Your bank account statement will show the payment as a deposit to mobile casino. In the mobile bill your privacy is assured.


Is it safe and secure?
Yes. It is free from the risk of Internet fraud. The strictest security protocols are used for funds transfer.

Is it legal?
The Payforit platform used in mobile bill payments is fully regulated in the UK and aggrieved parties have legal recourse.

Are there any hidden costs?
You will only pay for the amount that you deposit and not a penny more.

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