Mobile Casinos that accept PayForit payment system.

Making deposits at UK mobile casinos using only your phone, and without involving credit cards or bank accounts, is a dream come true. The amount of the deposit simply gets added to your mobile phone bill. Therefore more and more mobile casino players are using it. This has been made possible by Payforit.

In this section recommends the use of this payment option and explains in detail how it works and what its advantages are.

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a micropayment scheme consisting of an agreed set of rules and guidelines accepted by all telecom companies in the UK. Payforit is not an organization, but a system. In this system the funds are transferred from you to your mobile operator and from your mobile operator to the mobile casino, though not necessarily in that chronological sequence. The actual money transfers are given effect electronically via accredited payment intermediaries. These include Boku, Bango, Oxygen8, Impulse Pay, Dialogue and txtNation. The whole process takes place under the oversight of the regulatory authority PayphonePlus.

The Best Payforit UK Mobile Phone Casinos

We list here the best UK mobile casinos that allow deposits using Payforit. We have tested them out and assure that they are secure and trouble free. All of them are registered with the authorized regulator and are bound to abide by the rules and regulations.

How Payforit Works For You

If your contract with your mobile services provider allows you to pay at the end of the month, the amounts deposited at your UK online casino would appear on your monthly bill, as if you had made a phone call. You can keep making deposits to the extent of the credit limit given to you by the mobile company. If you are a prepaid customer, then the amount paid by you to the UK mobile casino would be deducted from your credit balance with your mobile phone company. You can make deposits as long as you have balance in your account. In either case only the amount deposited will be charged to you. There will be no extra service charges.

Given below is a step by step guide for depositing funds using Payforit. The process may be slightly different for different payment intermediaries.

  • Access the deposit section of your UK mobile casino
  • Select “pay by mobile” or “pay by SMS” as your deposit method
  • Enter the deposit amount
  • The Payforit page will then display the UK mobile casino and the amount
  • Verify the correctness and click “confirm”
  • You will receive a text message. Confirm the payment responding with “Y”
  • You will receive another text confirming that the payment been made
  • If the payment fails then you will receive a text asking you to repeat the process

Advantages of Using Payforit

If you are not using Payforit, then this is a must read section because it will give you the confidence to go ahead.

Safety & Security: The fact that the transactions are carried out without disclosing sensitive banking information or credit card details immediately creates a sense of security. Payforit functions under the oversight of a regulator that enforces the rules and this further enhances the safety. Payforit functions under the ambit of UK law so you always have legal recourse.

Ease of Use: You do not need to register with anyone to use Payforit. You are even not required to activate this service with your telecom provider. The entire process is completed at the site of the UK mobile phone casino. This facility is available with all UK telecom operators and it can be carried out on any mobile phone.  

Control on Deposits: Payforit has an inbuilt control on the amount you can deposit at mobile phone casinos. In the UK, phone billing is limited to £30 a day for all users. The APIs and the telecom providers keep track of your spending across multiple phone casinos. Hence there is an automatic safety net that will stop you from going overboard in your mobile gaming activities.

Payforit FAQs

What do I need to use Payforit?
Let us first clear what you do not need. You do not need any credit or debit card and you do not need a bank account.

You need a mobile phone. It can be a mobile phone of any make working on any operating system. For the deposits it need not be a smartphone, but with the old phones you will have poor gaming experience. Your mobile phone casino has to be registered for using Payforit. All the mobile casinos listed on this page are registered. You obviously need to have a contract with a telecom provider otherwise your mobile phone is of no use.

I am a high roller player. Is Payforit a good option for me?
Up to a deposit limit of £30 per day there is no problem. This limit applies to deposits and not wagering. Your winnings are in your account at the mobile casino and can be used for wagering. If you need to deposit more than £30 a day there could be issues. Certain accredited payment intermediaries like Boku will not allow you to exceed this limit. But there are others who do bypass this. If you have a good bill payment record with your network provider then you can request them to enhance the limit and operate in conjunction with a willing payment intermediary.

Can I withdraw funds from mobile casinos using Payforit?
You cannot withdraw funds from your mobile phone casino using Payforit. The only withdrawal option available with Payforit is to receive funds by cheque. It is a slow option and usually takes five working days.

Are the Payforit rules and guidelines in the public domain?
The scheme rules can be downloaded from the Payforit web site here.

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