BT Landline Billing

Mobile Casinos that accept BT Landline Billing payment system.

Just as you can deposit at UK phone casinos through your mobile bills, you can also make deposits through your BT Landline bill. The mechanism is the same and the process is equally secure. After all, BT is a leading UK telecom provider. will take you through the steps involved, pointing out the pros and cons of this deposit option.

About BT Landline Depositing

BT pays the amount of your deposit to the mobile phone casino and recovers it through your Landline bill. BT Landline depositing also works through the Payforit platform, which is the set of rules that govern payments via mobile phones. Therefore it is fully regulated and safe. In this case you will enter your BT phone number while making the deposit instead of your mobile number.

Best BT Landline UK Mobile Phone Casinos

BT Landline UK mobile casinos are comparatively fewer in number, but we list below the best of them. As usual each mobile casino in the list has been tried and tested by us. 

How BT Landline Depositing Works For You

There are some preliminary issues that you should be aware of. You do not have to register for nor activate this service with BT. Also it is free. You pay in your BT Landline bill only the amount of the deposit. This amount will appear in the bill as if you have made a call. The step by step procedure is outlined below.

  • At the deposit section select “Deposit by BT Bill” as the payment option
  • Enter your BT phone number in the field provided
  • A special number will be displayed on the screen, which you have to call
  • Then you follow the instructions given by the automated script or bot
  • You will have to enter your mobile phone number
  • You will be asked to remain on the line while the deposit is made
  • The bot will confirm that the transaction has gone through

The exact steps may differ from mobile casino to mobile casino. But there will be a bot to guide you through. Your mobile casino account is not credited instantly. It can take up to 10 minutes.

Advantages Of Depositing By BT Landline

Ease of operation: There is no preliminary set up required. All you need is a BT Landline connection. You can straightaway select the option at the UK mobile casino and proceed. This option does not require a credit card nor is it processed through your bank account, making it very simple.

Security: Since credit cards and bank accounts are not involved, there is no fear of any kind of Internet fraud. The operations are completely regulated. In fact there are three agencies involved, AIME, Ofcom and PhonepayPlus, which makes the security three times better. And in the end you always have legal recourse.

Control over wagering: There is a default automatic limit of £30 per day. This prevents you from excessive spending at your UK phone casinos. If you are a high roller, you can request BT to increase the daily limit. If you have a good payment record they would normally agree.

BT Landline Depositing FAQ

Do all UK mobile phone casinos accept deposits through BT Landline?
No. In fact, BT Landline casinos are fewer in number than mobile billing casinos. However you need not search cyberspace for one. We have listed the best ones for you to choose from.

Why does BT Landline depositing take so long?
The BT Landline payment system is configured to transfer only £1.50 per minute. So transactions take several minutes to complete. For example a transfer of £15 would take 10 minutes. In comparison, mobile bill payment system transfers by SMS, which is almost instantaneous.

Can I withdraw funds from UK mobile casinos using BT Landline?
BT Landline is a deposit only option, so withdrawals are not possible. You will have to request withdrawals through cheques. Funds will take longer to reach your bank account. This is a main drawback of BT Landline deposits.

Do UK mobile casinos give bonuses for depositing through BT Landline?
You will not get as attractive and as many bonuses for BT Landline deposits as you will get for other payment options like e-wallets and credit cards. Even the bonuses that you get will be hampered by the daily deposit limits imposed by BT Landline.

How do I verify that extra charges have not been debited to my BT account?
After making the deposit at your UK mobile casino, you can access online the My BT Billing Report section on their web site and check by clicking the “View your recent usage button”. In the unlikely event of there being an extra charge you can contact the BT customer support.

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