Mobile Casinos that accept Boku payment system.

Boku is an accredited payment intermediary that is responsible for deposits made by players at UK phone casinos through their mobile services providers. This payment option is becoming increasingly popular at UK mobile casinos. The casinos that accept this option are referred to as Boku casinos. Therefore explains everything you need to know about Boku. We also list the best Boku mobile casinos.

What is Boku?

Boku is an accredited payment intermediary operating on the Payforit platform in the UK. It charges your network provider the amount you want to deposit and then passes the funds to your mobile phone casino. The network provider recovers the amount from you either from your balance with them or through the monthly bill. This part of the transaction is also carried out by Boku. Boku is the most popular payment intermediary in the UK.

In this payment process Boku has specific responsibilities.

  • It joins up with mobile network providers
  • It develop the actual payment process that interfaces with all parties involved including the mobile casino depositing system and the mobile network provider software
  • It ensures that the latest security protocols are in place for safe financial transactions

Best Boku UK Mobile Casinos

So that you do not waste your time doing the spadework, we have listed below the best Boku UK mobile casinos. Each one of them is registered with the regulatory authority. And we have tested each one of them for fast, secure and trouble free operations. 

How Boku Works For You

The Boku payment process is referred to as a 1-Tap Payment process and should not take more than 10 seconds. The following simple steps are involved.

  • At the deposit section of the UK phone casino select “Pay by Mobile” as the option.
  • You will be taken to the Boku payment panel where you confirm the amount and enter your phone number.
  • You will then receive a text message for authenticating the payment.
  • Respond by texting Y.
  • The payment will go through immediately and the receipt will be acknowledged via a text message.
  • If your transaction has failed, you will be informed accordingly via text message, which will state that you have not been charged.
  • You can then try again.
  • The amount will be credited to you casino balance immediately and you can start playing.
  • The amount be added to your next phone bill or deducted from your Pay As You Go credit.

Advantages Of UK Boku Phone Casinos

Ease of operations: The only number that you will need is your mobile number. That also needs to be entered the first time. Thereafter your number is automatically detected. The process is simple and fast.

Security: Since you do not involve your bank account or credit card there is zero chance of your account being cleaned out or of identity theft. Every deposit requires a personal confirmation from your own phone.

Gambling control: Boku imposes strict £30 daily deposit limit so you just cannot spend more than that. Even if you have not set any limits at the UK mobile phone casino, the Boku limits will apply.

Regulation: Boku operates under strict rules and oversight of regulatory bodies like AIME, Ofcom and PhonepayPlus. And in the end you have recourse to the UK legal system.

Free: Boku does not charge you for its services. You pay your mobile services provider only what you deposit at your phone casino and nothing more.

Acceptability: The Boku deposit option is available at almost all UK mobile phone casinos.

Boku FAQ

Is there some way that I can deposit more than £30 a day?
One of the few disadvantages of Boku is that there is no way whatsoever that you can deposit more than £30 a day. Also keep in mind that this limit is across all phone casinos and other merchants that you may be patronizing. If you are a high roller phone casino player then you can look at some of the other options suggested in our Phone Bill Casino Payments section.

Apart from the daily limit are there any other restrictions?
Most Boku mobile phone casinos will not allow you to make deposits in any denomination you want within the daily limit. The casinos offer multiple choices of amounts that you can select from. Usually these denominations are £3, £5, £10 and £30 so you should not have a problem. But if you want to make deposits of in between amounts you may have to make multiple deposits.

Can I make withdrawals using Boku?
No. Boku is a deposit only payment option. You will mostly get your withdrawals through cheque payment.

Why do Boku transactions not go through sometimes?
The most common reasons are network disturbances and that you may have exceeded your daily limit.

What technology does Boku use?
Boku uses sophisticated Direct Carrier Billing technology. This retains the convenience of the older PSMS technology but provides the reliability of credit card payments.

Can I access Boku on devices other than my mobile phone?
You can use any device that connects to the Internet. These include tablets, computers, game consoles and smart TVs. The connection can be via WiFi or mobile data network.

Do all UK network providers work with Boku?
All leading telecom providers partner with Boku. The list includes EE, Virgin, BT, O2, 3 and Vodaphone. There have been issues reported with some budget and secondary mobile network providers like Lebara and Tesco.

Does Boku offer customer support?
Normally the customer support number would be included in the text message when you use Boku for immediate contact. You can contact customer support through their web site as well.

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